The concept for Ember & Vine was born from our life in Tuscany in the vineyard, where we make Sangiovese, Super Tuscans, Chianti Riserva, and other magnificent Tuscan wines and extra virgin olive oil. We wanted to share our products and the love for the Tuscan lifestyle with our friends, neighbors, and fellow people from Puerto Rico.”

At Ember & Vine, the essence of Tuscan cooking is celebrated through organic, farm-to-table ingredients of the highest quality. The menu is a testament to the simplicity and richness of Tuscan cuisine, featuring staples like Bistecca Fiorentina—a traditional Tuscan steak cooked over wood-fired embers—alongside polenta, homemade pasta, branzino, octopus, and seafood sourced from the Tuscan coast.

Ember and vine Events

Exclusive Wine Tasting & Pairing Soirées

Experience the essence of Tuscany and the charm of Puerto Rico through our private wine tasting and pairing events, where each sip and bite tells a story of heritage and harmony.

Sundrenched Brunch Escapades

Indulge in a leisurely brunch where local flavors meet Tuscan elegance, offering a serene start to your day with a menu that celebrates the art of taking it slow.

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